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Toyota Problems: Reminder of Need for DriverSide-Type Consumer Alerts

The surprising news today that Toyota has actually stopped selling most of its popular models after a series of grave safety recalls is a reminder that consumers cannot just assume their vehicles are safe.  While manufacturers are required to mail out recall notices, they often lag by months and frequently never find consumers who have moved or “fallen through the cracks.” 

In response to this serious issue,, the website for car owners, recently launched an alert service to protect consumers and keep them informed.  Consumers can register for alerts at  It is quick, confidential, and free.  The consumer simply tells DriverSide which car(s) they own.  If anything important happens, the consumer is emailed immediately.  Alerts include safety recalls, upcoming services and car value.  Coming soon will be oil changes and tire rotation.  It is “set it and forget it” as the consumer is protected 24 hours a day.

In addition to vehicle alerts, DriverSide offers free advice from certified mechanics, estimates on what is fair to pay for common repairs, diagnostic tools, and a problem predictor tool using data from JD Power and Associates.  DriverSide’s editorial team also covers issues relevant to car owners like what to do with a recall at  The award-winning DriverSide.Com is unbiased and impartial and has been featured on Good Morning America, in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other publications. 

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